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The Suede Bomber

#20 facts about me


I thought it was time for you to get to know the guy behind all the words and outfits, so here is 21 facts about me 😉 Don’t Judge me and feel free to leave whatever weird, funny, cool fact about you in the comments, so I can get to know you better as well.

  1. One of my bad habits is, when I like a song, I absolutely KILL it. I mean really kill it, one time I listened to the same song for 4 hours straight. It so bad, that when my sibling were still living home, they wouldn’t tell me what songs they liked because they knew I would play it nonstop if I liked it too.
  2. On my sophomore year in high school, I got so drunk at a party that it ended with my brother’s girlfriend taking me home to her, where i slept on some pillows on the ground. I woke up to a big surprise, as I looked down myself I quickly noticed a big wet spot – yep, you guessed it, I HAD PEED ON MYSELF.
  3. One of the most embarrasing moments of my life happened in fourth grade during a math class. My teacher asked everyone how they had solved an equation and the whole class was like -”I did it this way”. Then I was like ”I also did it that way” but my teacher knowing I wasn’t that good at math, specifically asked me, how I had solved it and I just didn’t know what to do – because of course I hadn’t done it! This day today, I can still remember the embarrassment and feel the sweat coming down my forehead!
  4. I have a rule about never missing a school party; the only one I have ever missed was my sophomore year in high school. Read #3 and do the math 😉
  5. When I get drunk, I like to call people and go on personal rants about how much I love them and what not, and my brother, Bennit and Sis, Josie, have been on the receiving end of to many of these calls! So if you don’t think I’m being loving enough, just wait till I get drunk and call me.
  6. My guilty pleasure is Mc Donalds. I actually love that food, and if health and being too fat wasn’t a problems, my bet is a lot of my meals would involve cheeserburgers, chickin wings and chicken salsas.
  7. My all time favorite movie is, Guess who! It was the movie I saw the first I slept at a girls place and of course because of Bernie Mac, god rest his soul.
  8. My sign is Cancer.
  9. I was born in Burundi, and came to Denmark when I was two years old. The summer 2014 was the my first time back there.
  10. Being the youngest of 6 has it’s perks, some of my birthday gifts included a Macbook Pro, a fujitsu siemens laptop, an Iphone, drivers license and my ticket to Burundi in 2014. But lately they’ve been cheap, so I hope they see this – I have a category named wishlist where you can see what I want.
  11. I’m extremely bad a receiving compliments! I get super awkward and weird.
  12. Playstation and video games has never been my thing, only Football Manager has been able to catch my attention.
  13. I’ve only had one pet growing up- a rabbit, sadly it died a horrible death, but that’s a story for another time!
  14. I ALWAYS destroyed my toys when I was a kid because I wanted to see what was inside. I did it with teddy bears, cars, Lego; you name it- toys just didn’t last long in my hands.
  15. I am a die-hard Game of Thrones fan! Haven’t read the books but still. The funny thing is my sister literally had to convince me to start watching it, because I was like ”noo it’s not for me” now the biggest day of the year is 4.24.16 !
  16. I have never fractured anything. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself right there haha
  17. When my first niece was born 12 years ago, I used to eat her left over baby food
  18. My childhood nickname are kivuruga, Kibaba, Chinana and Gwini,
  19. Bad breath is one of my BIGGEST turn offs! Get your face AWAY from me if you can’t keep a good mouth hygiene
  20. In order for me to sleep, I have to listen to music so I have a playlist called sleep tight for this purpose alone. My brother used to tell me that the earplugs would suffocate me, so now I hear loud music most of the time.


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