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20 random facts

Today I am busy with my organization teori exam but thought I would take a little break to make a list of 20 random facts about me.

1.The first girl I had a crush on, told me I looked like a monkey.

2.I am the youngest of 6 children (6 siblings + being the youngest equals a lot of ass whopping).

3.I hate dogs?? but only because I am scared of them.

4.I love the Zoo (Once I asked a girl out on a date, and suggested we went to the Zoo, she said yes but the day before she became sick out of thin air. Well played girl, well played).

5.I?ve only smoked weed once (and it sent me straight to bed).

6.I love to gamble (the problem is that is a one-way traffic- my money goes in on my Bet365 account, but it never comes back).

7.I secretly love the Vampire Diaries.

8.I am a HUGE Barcelona fan and have been since forever.

9.In freshmen year in High School, I got the nickname ?Black Hawk Down? – FYI, the black hawk down was a result of toooo much wine. I know better know?. NOT

10.The one thing I won?t admit – I?ve read the Twilights book ? Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and seen all the movies

11.I am extremely curious (when I was I kid I would make my brother tell me what happened in movies before I watched them- And I would always break my toys up so see what was inside to big annoyance for my mom).

12.When I was a kid, my favorite meal was soap (I still don?t know why to this day)

13.Once on a vacation I got so drunk and ordered 20 beers, mad my brothers pay for them and then just left them at the bar.

14.I changed schools 5 times before I was in 8th grade.

15.One time after a night out, I came back to my house and found out I had left my keys inside, so I decided to sleep in the garage, because no one wakes up my dad? No one.

16.During my early years I learned, as Steve Harvey, nicely puts it, that my father was the enforcer in the family, when he came in, it was instant ass whopping, no questions asked, that?s just how things were done.

17.I am a big fan of the old school comedy headlined by the original kings of comedy ? Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer and D.L Hughley.

18.I have a weakness for voluptuous women

19.Cocking is noooooot my strong side. So if you get invited home to me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepare yourself for eggs.

20.I am currently doing a bachelor in business communication and international marketing

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