2017 is coming to an end, I might be out early with this post, but today I’ll talk about my resolutions for 2018. I think resolutions are important to have, for me they act like a compass, so I know where I want to go in the new year and also so I’ll be able to make a plan and work toward it. Also just as a reminder to what you are trying to accomplish that year. It’s like a clean slate, and if you a focused from day one and persistent from day one, you hold the keys to make or break the new year – and here are some of the resolutions that will make my 2018, if accomplished of course 😉 In no order btw.

Get a sixpack

  • Cheesy, I know! But I haven’t seen my sixpack for ageeees, so I’m hell bent on a reunion in the new year, because I’m sure it’s down there somewhere, hiding, being comfortable and all- so it’s time to become a little bit uncomfortable to smash this resolution out of the ball park!

Video content

  • This have been on my mind for so long and I’ve just postphoned it time after time, but now I’m putting it out there, so all of ya’ll can hold me accountable as well. But yeah, I’ve been wanting to create video content for a while now and add another dimension to my social media person – personally I really look forward to this one but at the same time I am a bit scared, because it’s probably going to be one of the most challenging resolutions.

Better money management

  • For the fifth year in a row, this one makes the list ha ha ha! But I feel like this year, is the year where I actually start saving and only spending money on quality things, that actualy create value for me.

Run a Marathon

  • Maybe I should start with a half maraton?I’ve always been a big fan of running, but my astma has been getting in the way for this a couple of times, but I’m starting to get it under control after having it regulated and I feel like I’m able to do it now.

Get A follow back from Rihanna <3

  • No explanations needed. Come on!

Roadtrip in the States

  • Never been to the States, and like the rest of us it’s also a dream for me, in 2017 I was in Australia, so in 2018 I guess it’s time for the states.

Attend a fashion week in another country

  • I just think it would be one of hell of an experience. How inspired you would feel, the amazing people you would meet, the extravaganza – yeah definitely something I have to do.

Go to my first concert

  • I know right?! I’ve never been to a concert before in my life!! But I intend to change that – I just need to do it at the right concert, I know Harry Styles is performing in Denmark in March, but I think the tickets are sold out, but the next good artist to come to Copenhagen/scandinavia – I’ll be there

Find love

  • Can you even put this on as your resolutions, like its just something you can go out and get? Ha ha, anyways I’m doing it and who knows, maybe she’s reading this?? 😉

Attend a FC Barcelona match

  • As a die hard Barca fan it pains me that I’ve never seen one of their matches , nor been to their historic stadium Camp nou, nor watched one of the best players to ever play in Lionel Messi, so I’m definitely bound for a trip to Barcelona in 2018

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