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Anthon Berg – Good standing kit

Ever had trouble remembering your girlfriend’s birthday? An anniversary? Mother’s day? Valentines? Grandmas birthday next week and so on. Chances are that most men have forgotten one or more of the above, while women seem to remember what you texted them, 3847 days ago; it can be quite frustrating. So for all us with a bad memory and a bad habit of being forgetful, Anthon Berg have done us a huge favor creating the good standing kit. No no, it’s NOT a magical trick that will make you REMEMBER everything, I’m afraid that’s a lost cause 😉 However with the good standing kit, you now have a way out if, when the chips are down, because we all know that the true way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, so what better way to make up for our bad memory, than with Anthon Berg. #ChocolateYourWayOutOfIt or #ChocolateIsYourWayOut Either way, watch the video below and get a lesson in smoothing your way out of whatever trouble you’ve gotten yourself into!


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