Anthon Berg – Good standing kit

Blogger-A is back!!!


I know – the headline got me laughing a little bit as well, because it’s starting to get at bit embarrassing that I keep saying I’m back, when I’m really not! To be honest though, I really wanted to blog while being down under, but so many things was going on that it wouldn’t have been whole heartedly. As you may have noticed I’m back on Danish soil and I promise that this time I’m actually back for good.

Layering season is already here and I’ve used the occasion to put together a deadly color combination in burgundy and camel which is just a match made in heaven. Put these two colors together and you’re instantly on the right track to a great outfit and what a better way to kick off the fall season!

Talk to you later


Tommy Hilfiger Blazer

Selected Turtleneck

Zara Trousers

Silver Street Shoes




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Anthon Berg – Good standing kit