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The way that fashion and society have progressed in the past decade has really opened up the opportunities for people to express themselves with fewer consequences. These consequences could be anything from mere judgment to something as extreme as actual punishment in some cultures or in the past. Now, though, the freedom to wear expressive clothing, cross gender lines, and view fashion as an artistic outlet is fueling the new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

With each person having his or her own personal sense of style, there are endless possibilities for creative outfits. Today, we are specifically talking about the ways you can mix and match “male” and “female” clothing, no matter which gender you are or identify with. Some could say that “bold” fashion choices like men wearing dresses and skirts were popularized by celebrities such as Kanye West and Jaden Smith.

On the adverse side, it’s even more accepted in common culture for women to borrow from the boys—quite literally. Not only are popular women’s styles labeled with names like boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts, but now women are actually just buying these items in the men’s sections. And who can blame them? Many times, the prices are more reasonable than the hiked-up boutique tags, and the roomier cuts are perfect for women looking for oversized sweaters, flannel, and T-shirts.

That’s not to say men aren’t doing the same with women’s tops, either. It’s not completely unheard of for a man to take a gander at quirky womenswear, especially if he has a smaller build that might benefit from the silhouette. Lately, men have been known to rock feminine lace and trendy mesh shirts that would otherwise be categorized as womenswear.

The truth of the matter is, fashion no longer knows genders. Consumers and enthusiasts should feel empowered to try on whichever styles they believe suit them best. The gender lines are officially blurred.


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