Christmas gift ideas: For Him

A Christmas Party Lookbook

We are staying in the Christmas spirit, but this time it’s not about gifting but about all the Christmas parties and festivities and more importantly about what you will be wearing to those various events and drinking sessions you are going to. Since the party season is well and truly upon us, we might as well show off our best festive party looks, so you look good while dancing drunk on the tables! 😉 So here goes!

The formal attire

Not to be confused with the red carpet this is here where you go all out. A dinner jacket, either in black for the safe choice or in blue/white for a standout evening swag. Topped off with a pair of black trousers, a crisp formal shirt, bow tie and freshly polished dress shoes, you’ll only be a Vesper Martini and Aston Martin away from saving the world.



The smart option

This is when you don’t want to go allll out, BUT you still want to dress to impress and put some effort in your party attire, if that is the case a nice fitting suit or a textured suit will go along way with a statement tie and a pair of monks (my favourite kinda shoe btw) This is also a fool prof way to elavate your party attire above the norm.img_5879



Less is more

This is the more casual and laidback approach but don’t confuse this with the same as letting your style slip in any way. Loosen up by swapping out the button down with turtleneck, crew neck or even something as simple as a plain t-shirt. Another option would be ditching the button down and the suit jacket totally and just go with a crew neck and smart coat on top. It’s more relaxed, but at the same time your casual stylish look will be complete.





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Christmas gift ideas: For Him