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Mid-week look in an American classic

Burgundy love

Burgundy is one of my favorites in the red color scheme family, the color is powerful in its own sense and the fact that it?s darker and more heavier makes it sexier and fits better for men than bright red. Colors are meant to be rocked and have fun with, so I choose to combine different shades of burgundy to create a great outfit for a night out. It?s Friday, which means I?m turned up, tonight I?m going to the semester start party and I?m pretty sure it?s going to be hell of a night. Don?t you just love going out when your outfit is on point? I mean nothing can stop me when I’m on my a-game. What do you guys think about this color combination?






Wearing: Pants from JUNX de LUNX, shirt from Lindbergh, blazer from Zara, bow tie from HM and shoes from selected

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Mid-week look in an American classic