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Casual suit

As part of the Burundian tradition, my family threw a party to celebrate B?s daughter. I love family gatherings, coming from a big family I rarely get to see everybody at once. It was such a fun day; there were tons of African food and drinks, drums and music. It was a beautiful day celebrating an even more beautiful girl who behaved extraordinarily well in terms of not crying haha!
My family and close friends are my biggest supporters, so since they were all gathered, I had to dress to impress. I decided to wear this checked suit from Zara. This suit was love at first sight, as I have been looking for a casual suit for a long time and the best thing is that it fits like a glove so I didn?t have to get it altered, which is just a huge plus in my book. I just love it and if you have noticed in some of the previous posts, it can easily be used separately. I cant wait to wear it again and style it differently.

What do you guys think about this look?

Talk to you soon









  • I was supposed to wear that exact suit for New York Fashion Week: Men’s. I ended up just going with the blazer. From where I am sitting, your shirt looks green. If it is, I would love to know the thought process behind contrasting that with the blue suit. Nonetheless, the fit is fantastic and your monkstraps look solid. Thanks for sharing!

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

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    • AlixNiyonkinzo

      It’s an awesome suit and so great how you can wear it separately and still make it work. How come you ended up only wearing the blazer? Looked great with the pink shirt and white pants. My shirt is white with green and yellow floral prints, it’s a little bit hard to see on the pictures. I simply liked the clash between the checked print and the floral print, especially because the main color of the whole outfit was navy blue, which can be a little doll sometimes.

      Thanks Igee

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  • Wow it looks like you had a great party there!
    Your suit is so cool!
    Congrats for your baby niece 🙂


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    • Alix Niyonkinzo

      We had a great party, and I think my niece enjoyed it too. :p Thank you!

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