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Wearing sunglasses is something I do all year around – for me they are not just reserved for sunny days and vacation, but I rather see them as a fully integrated part of my look all year long. I have long been a big fan of sunglasses, all the way back to my sophomore year in High School where I bought my first pair of Ray-ban sunglasses at the airport before flying to Malaga and I felt so fly on that vacation that I knew from that moment, that sunnies should be a regular component to my looks. It was also on that trip that the love story between Ray-ban and I started, so it was a no brainer for me when SmartbuyGlasses reached out for a collab.

As you can see the love story continues and Ray-ban has yet to disappoint me! Their sunglasses and sunglasses in general just elevate your look. For me I almost feel like sunglasses are to me what Ken Clark is to superman – so without the sunnies, I’m just a regular joe, but as soon as I don the sunglasses I turn into The Stylish version of Superman 😉



Anthon Berg – Good standing kit

Ever had trouble remembering your girlfriend’s birthday? An anniversary? Mother’s day? Valentines? Grandmas birthday next week and so on. Chances are that most men have forgotten one or more of the above, while women seem to remember what you texted them, 3847 days ago; it can be quite frustrating. So for all us with a bad memory and a bad habit of being forgetful, Anthon Berg have done us a huge favor creating the good standing kit. No no, it’s NOT a magical trick that will make you REMEMBER everything, I’m afraid that’s a lost cause 😉 However with the good standing kit, you now have a way out if, when the chips are down, because we all know that the true way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, so what better way to make up for our bad memory, than with Anthon Berg. #ChocolateYourWayOutOfIt or #ChocolateIsYourWayOut Either way, watch the video below and get a lesson in smoothing your way out of whatever trouble you’ve gotten yourself into!

Ride Comfortably by Opel

Now this is a concept I can get 100 % behind. In connection with the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer, Opal has partnered up with the Danish lingerie experts to come to every man’s rescue, with their new #RideComfortably campaign, that will boost your chances of making some mini you’s.

Testosterone is the male homone, that makes us men, gives us beard and hair on our chest, deep and robust voices and makes us rutting. Unfortunately though, the testosterone level of Danish men are falling as we speak due to bad circumstances for our most precious body parts, leading to hair loss, low self-esteem and no lust or desire. Pretty much leaving us genderless. With no gender, the women won’t have any need of us, but don’t be discouraged, because Opel will have you back on top with hair, self-esteem and lust in no time with their new and innovative underpants that will nurture and caress your lower segment with comfort and ventilation that will boost your masculinity and make you more than cable of making juuuust the right decisions in life, especially when it comes to buying a new car 😉 So sit back and watch this video, if you want to further your family line that is! #Ridecomfortably

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First Instinct

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A good fragrance can often be the difference maker and the best wingman you can possible have. A fragrance is your way to let people know you are coming without saying a word, while also giving you the confidence, which can help break down barriers. It especially comes in handy when you are out and about, and don’t know who you might run into. Wearing Abercrombie & Fitch’s new fragrance, assures me that I never get caught off guard.

My first and favorite First Instinct moment was when I went on a date with a girl I had only met once and one of the first things she said to me, was how good I smelled. This instantly made me feel a little extra confident and more relaxed and kick started an amazing evening.

First Instinct has a very fresh and distinctive scent based on ambergris, Szechuan-pepper, melon and gin and tonic, and these ingredients have already made the fragrance one of my faves, because I like my scent as I like my shirts: attention grabbing. The creation of First Instinct was made for every man looking for a scent, that would turn heads and they went out of their way with the ingredients to find the perfect balance between the masculine and the sensual to create a pleasant aroma of confidence. And all I have to say is, it was worth the trouble. If you, like me think, that First Instinct should become a new staple among your fragrances, you can find it right here. Ps. You won’t regret it 😉

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Tommy Hilfiger Bomber // Vans Sneaks // Zara Trousers // H&M Tee // Daniel Wellington Watch


Blurred lines

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The way that fashion and society have progressed in the past decade has really opened up the opportunities for people to express themselves with fewer consequences. These consequences could be anything from mere judgment to something as extreme as actual punishment in some cultures or in the past. Now, though, the freedom to wear expressive clothing, cross gender lines, and view fashion as an artistic outlet is fueling the new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

With each person having his or her own personal sense of style, there are endless possibilities for creative outfits. Today, we are specifically talking about the ways you can mix and match “male” and “female” clothing, no matter which gender you are or identify with. Some could say that “bold” fashion choices like men wearing dresses and skirts were popularized by celebrities such as Kanye West and Jaden Smith.

On the adverse side, it’s even more accepted in common culture for women to borrow from the boys—quite literally. Not only are popular women’s styles labeled with names like boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts, but now women are actually just buying these items in the men’s sections. And who can blame them? Many times, the prices are more reasonable than the hiked-up boutique tags, and the roomier cuts are perfect for women looking for oversized sweaters, flannel, and T-shirts.

That’s not to say men aren’t doing the same with women’s tops, either. It’s not completely unheard of for a man to take a gander at quirky womenswear, especially if he has a smaller build that might benefit from the silhouette. Lately, men have been known to rock feminine lace and trendy mesh shirts that would otherwise be categorized as womenswear.

The truth of the matter is, fashion no longer knows genders. Consumers and enthusiasts should feel empowered to try on whichever styles they believe suit them best. The gender lines are officially blurred.

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