Psychedelic pattern


When it comes to shirts Eton is one of the most formidable experts in that area with their impeccable quality and contemporary fits, and as a shirt guy, what I look for when I’m shopping for shirts, is their ability to steal the show and elevate the outfit without adding to much else and that’s why I fell in love with this shirt, with the psychedelic patterns and the color combination. That’s also one of the reason why Eton is one of the leading brands crafting shirts and dapper accessories, is that they operate across the whole line – you can get your interesting pattern twisted shirts, but also clean-cut shirts that fits more into your everyday office ensemble. Either way, you are guaranteed to look smart and on top of your game wearing Eton.

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Wearing: Trousers & Slippers – Zara / Shirt – Eton





Eton style carousel

BeFunky Collagenbj

How would you like to try a style carousel? The Swedish shirt brand Eton launched a pretty fun shopping experience that I had to tell you guys about. The Eton Style carousel combines innovation, fashion and fun in one and gives customers a chance to get a look at some of their premium shirts and the opportunity to win one of those shirts. Sounds fun right? All you have to do is go on and spin the carousel. Go and let your inner gambler loose and hurry up because the digital campaign ends may 15th. It also gives you opportunity to get a second free spin so don’t miss the opportunity to win a shirt from Eton, one of the leading brands when it comes to men’s shirt and if you should be unlucky you can always check out their impressive range out right here.

Good luck, may the odds be in your favor

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Without music life would be a mistake” couldn’t be said better. Music is the ultimate luxury, it can make you forget your surroundings, problems and everyday hassles and just get sucked into your own little world, where the sun always shines, and the champagne is always cold. Who doesn’t know that awesome feeling of listening to a song and totally feel like it was written about your current emotional state?

I am one of those people who are always on the hunt for new and better sound, I personally prefer big headphones but let’s be honest they just don’t really go with my style, so often I just use them at home but I’ve finally found a pair that combines great sound, functionality and design. Look at these Grind Wireless on-ear headphones from SkullCandy. They are so comfortable to wear and although it’s on-ear, the sound and sound isolation is still surprisingly good. The design pretty much speaks for itself, look at this tan suede, it’s like they were customized for me. Best part beside the price, which is pretty much a steal is that they are wireless, so no more tangled wires or wires getting caught in doors and what not. Plus, you don’t have to take your mobile device with you around the house, because they have a range of 10 meters and are super easy to connect to any mobile device with Bluetooth.


BeFunky Collagemyn

Photoshoot fresh


“Photoshoot fresh, looking like wealth I’m ’bout to call paparazzi on myself” that’s exactly how I feel today. A few weeks ago, I did an editorial series with an amazing photographer and I she just sent me the final photos, ready for the world to see. I had so much fun shooting this and we got so many great shoots and I have been waiting impatiently and excited to see how they turned out and I really love the result. It’s my second time doing a studio shoot and I must admit I can’t wait for the next time one. We tried to portray the classic and sensible man through masculinity in a modern and stylish manner and based on our vision I think the editorial was right on the money. The photos expose a more vulnerable and different side of me and I like the variety and difference from the usual. What do you guys think?

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Photo: Erika Svensson

Signature covers ;)

12922286_818723438257479_1349414574_oSince I got my new iPhone I’ve been looking for a cover because my history with iPhone’s always ends with a shattered screen and after my sister broke her screen a few weeks ago it became even more urgent as I could see the history repeating itself. Caseapp came to my rescue and I found something I didn’t even know I wanted before I had the opportunity, namely a customized iPhone cover. I mean my phone is the one thing I never leave my house without, so why not make it as personal. I designed it so people know exactly whom this iPhone belongs to – A Common Obsession 😉 I still can’t hide my excitement now that my logo is embellished on my phone and I’m quite surprised by the resolution and how sharp it turned out to be. Caseapp also has it’s own covers, but I definitely think that you should design your own, it’s just more fun and the process it so easy whether you want to put your own image, a text, a collage or just play around with Cassapp’s own cliparts. CaseApp also gives you the opportunity to pimp your MacBook up and of course, I had to do that as well, and I don’t think that anyone will doubt who this MacBook belongs to, because my skin ended up being a photo of me, haha! Not intentionally actually, although I’m pretty sure no one will ever believe this. I just wanted to see how the picture looked and once it was on, I thought it looked awesome so decided to stick with it. I must warn you though, you can get pretty caught up in it, and spend a lot of time just playing back and forth with all the opportunities of designing your own cover.

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