A Christmas Party Lookbook

We are staying in the Christmas spirit, but this time it’s not about gifting but about all the Christmas parties and festivities and more importantly about what you will be wearing to those various events and drinking sessions you are going to. Since the party season is well and truly upon us, we might as well show off our best festive party looks, so you look good while dancing drunk on the tables! 😉 So here goes!

The formal attire

Not to be confused with the red carpet this is here where you go all out. A dinner jacket, either in black for the safe choice or in blue/white for a standout evening swag. Topped off with a pair of black trousers, a crisp formal shirt, bow tie and freshly polished dress shoes, you’ll only be a Vesper Martini and Aston Martin away from saving the world.



The smart option

This is when you don’t want to go allll out, BUT you still want to dress to impress and put some effort in your party attire, if that is the case a nice fitting suit or a textured suit will go along way with a statement tie and a pair of monks (my favourite kinda shoe btw) This is also a fool prof way to elavate your party attire above the norm.img_5879



Less is more

This is the more casual and laidback approach but don’t confuse this with the same as letting your style slip in any way. Loosen up by swapping out the button down with turtleneck, crew neck or even something as simple as a plain t-shirt. Another option would be ditching the button down and the suit jacket totally and just go with a crew neck and smart coat on top. It’s more relaxed, but at the same time your casual stylish look will be complete.





Christmas gift ideas: For Him


Double-handle Briefcase – GG jacquard wool turtleneck – Headphones

Chelsea Boots – Alpha Fit Facial Cleansing Brush

Your dad or best friend might also want a christmas gift, or maybe you just want to spoil yourself – and you know what, that is totally okay! Whatever the case might be, you will want your gifts to be on point, stylish and something actually useful – and you don’t have to look far away, because all the things I’ve picked checks all the boxes. MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂

Din far eller bedste ven vil måske også gerne have en julegave eller måske vil du bare forkæle dig selv til en julegave, hvilket også er helt okay. Hvad end tilfældet er, har du brug for gaver der sidder lige i skabet og de gør de ting jeg har fundet frem som gave ideer til manden. GLÆDELIG JUL

Does style really matters?


Dressing well affects how people view you, especially when it comes to making a first impression. Clothes can give you the advantage to stand out from your competition as they completely change the way others view you. So yes, style does matter! First of all it does because of the attention and respect you get from taking care of your appearance, because no matter how you slice it, you can’t get around the fact that first impressions are big, and a big way of controlling that first impression is by taking care of your appearance, your style and your radiation- with that being said I don’t think there’s one particular style that will achieve this better than another, as we are all different individuals with different taste, style etc. So it’s understanding the importance of first impressions and where you are going in life and where you want to be and to dress appropriately for those occasions and circumstances.

Do well, live well and dress really well. Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. It’s more than the superficiality of just wearing the clothes, but also how it makes you feel – The clothes I choose to wear make me comfortable and confident which is something that has allowed me to live a much happier life.

Talk to you later,



Suede Boots Monkstraps Air Force 1 Vans Leather Boots Timberland Adidas
No matter what you are doing in life – you must put your best foot forward and why not let that foot make a statement and look sexy while you at it?! Your footwear can literally make or break any outfit, that’s why it’s so important to make sure that your footwear is always on point. It’s also one of those things, that people will notice first – which adds another reason to why you must always put your best foot forward!
How I would put my best foot forward? I’m glad you asked!!!

Når det kommer til at skabe et fedt outfit, er der ingen vej udenom fodtøjet. For at outfittet skal sidde i skabet, skal fodtøjet være på plads. Ens fodtøj kan gøre en markant forskel på både ondt og godt. Derudover er sko en af de ting folk først ligger mærke til ved en – hvilket jo bare tilføjer endnu en grund til man skal have noget smart fodtøj på 😉 Så i dag hylder vi skoene og jeg har fundet nogen af mine absolut ynglings sko frem!

If I could raid someone’s closet


It would be… (Drum rolls)…. Zayn Malik for sure! I’m probably also going to have a huge fan boy moment in this post, but stay with me!

Zayn’s transformation from boy band to Style Icon, Solo artist has been absolutely impeccable. His career has really taken of as he keeps leaving his stamp all over the fashion industry, not to mention the music industry, where he is becoming must hear. But back to his style, Zayn is one seriously stylish dresser, always at the cutting edge of menswear trends, he is never afraid of experiment. With his supermodel girlfriend by his side, Zayn has nailed popstar look. And it doesn’t hurt, that I can really see some resemblance of my own style in some of his looks. So raiding his closet is number one on my list. Actually if I could be someone else for one day, it would probably be him….. And that has nothing to do with whom he is dating…….. 😉

Hvis jeg kunne rydde nogens klædeskab ville mit første valg uden tvivl være Zayn Malik. Zayn klæder sig virkelig stilfuldt. Han er altid med på de seneste trends og så tør han også at eksperimentere. Og med sin modelkæreste ved sin side, har han det perfekte popstjerne look. Det hjælper selvfølgelig også på det, at jeg kan se ligheder mellem hans stil og min egen. Så hvis jeg kunne rydde nogen klædeskab, ville han være nummer 1! Faktisk så tror jeg at, hvis jeg kunne være en anden person i en dag, ville det være ham. Og det har ikke noget at gøre med hvem hans kæreste er………. 😉