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#20 facts about me


I thought it was time for you to get to know the guy behind all the words and outfits, so here is 21 facts about me 😉 Don’t Judge me and feel free to leave whatever weird, funny, cool fact about you in the comments, so I can get to know you better as well.

  1. One of my bad habits is, when I like a song, I absolutely KILL it. I mean really kill it, one time I listened to the same song for 4 hours straight. It so bad, that when my sibling were still living home, they wouldn’t tell me what songs they liked because they knew I would play it nonstop if I liked it too.
  2. On my sophomore year in high school, I got so drunk at a party that it ended with my brother’s girlfriend taking me home to her, where i slept on some pillows on the ground. I woke up to a big surprise, as I looked down myself I quickly noticed a big wet spot – yep, you guessed it, I HAD PEED ON MYSELF.
  3. One of the most embarrasing moments of my life happened in fourth grade during a math class. My teacher asked everyone how they had solved an equation and the whole class was like -”I did it this way”. Then I was like ”I also did it that way” but my teacher knowing I wasn’t that good at math, specifically asked me, how I had solved it and I just didn’t know what to do – because of course I hadn’t done it! This day today, I can still remember the embarrassment and feel the sweat coming down my forehead!
  4. I have a rule about never missing a school party; the only one I have ever missed was my sophomore year in high school. Read #3 and do the math 😉
  5. When I get drunk, I like to call people and go on personal rants about how much I love them and what not, and my brother, Bennit and Sis, Josie, have been on the receiving end of to many of these calls! So if you don’t think I’m being loving enough, just wait till I get drunk and call me.
  6. My guilty pleasure is Mc Donalds. I actually love that food, and if health and being too fat wasn’t a problems, my bet is a lot of my meals would involve cheeserburgers, chickin wings and chicken salsas.
  7. My all time favorite movie is, Guess who! It was the movie I saw the first I slept at a girls place and of course because of Bernie Mac, god rest his soul.
  8. My sign is Cancer.
  9. I was born in Burundi, and came to Denmark when I was two years old. The summer 2014 was the my first time back there.
  10. Being the youngest of 6 has it’s perks, some of my birthday gifts included a Macbook Pro, a fujitsu siemens laptop, an Iphone, drivers license and my ticket to Burundi in 2014. But lately they’ve been cheap, so I hope they see this – I have a category named wishlist where you can see what I want.
  11. I’m extremely bad a receiving compliments! I get super awkward and weird.
  12. Playstation and video games has never been my thing, only Football Manager has been able to catch my attention.
  13. I’ve only had one pet growing up- a rabbit, sadly it died a horrible death, but that’s a story for another time!
  14. I ALWAYS destroyed my toys when I was a kid because I wanted to see what was inside. I did it with teddy bears, cars, Lego; you name it- toys just didn’t last long in my hands.
  15. I am a die-hard Game of Thrones fan! Haven’t read the books but still. The funny thing is my sister literally had to convince me to start watching it, because I was like ”noo it’s not for me” now the biggest day of the year is 4.24.16 !
  16. I have never fractured anything. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself right there haha
  17. When my first niece was born 12 years ago, I used to eat her left over baby food
  18. My childhood nickname are kivuruga, Kibaba, Chinana and Gwini,
  19. Bad breath is one of my BIGGEST turn offs! Get your face AWAY from me if you can’t keep a good mouth hygiene
  20. In order for me to sleep, I have to listen to music so I have a playlist called sleep tight for this purpose alone. My brother used to tell me that the earplugs would suffocate me, so now I hear loud music most of the time.



As I previously mentioned this past Saturday, I went to the Bloggers Delight’s birthday gala and they yet again confirmed that they throw the best parties. After my internship there, I actually already knew this, but this Saturday they really outdid themselves. The set up was superb and nothing was left to chance.

Good food, good conversations, beautiful and WELL-dressed people and most importantly endlessly supply of wet goods. Well as you can hear, I had a blast. The beautiful event was capped off with an after-party at a nightclub- ZEN, where I danced the night away and woke up with a much heavier head!

I did consider going for a classic dark coloured blazer but chose my pastel pink one so I didn’t end up looking like everyone else.

Hope you guys had a great weekend as well

Talk to you soon


Pictures by Martina, Victor Jones and Queen Bee







As you all know from Fridays post I spent first part of my weekend in Aarhus. My brother invited me, to see the city by night and what it had to offer and (eventually it sent me to sleep, but more on that later) He had planned it to the fullest, let me tell you that! I will definitely be back for sure – If he plan a night like that again, ha! It all started at Hotel Royal, where he had rented the deluxe suite, (the amount of booze will not be discussed, I?ll leave that to your imagination). After a while some of my brothers girlfriends, stopped by to put a little prep in the steps and once they got there time literally just flew by, but I guess that’s what happens, when you are having a good time, with a slightly high alcohol percentage in the blood. We then moved on to Bernhard?s, where all the girls had just come back from seeing Fifty shades of grey and you could say that Mr. Grey had done most of the pre(for) play for us, so to speak, because they girls were on fire, ha! However, for peoples discretions I will go in no further details but it?s definitely one for the books.







20 random facts

Today I am busy with my organization teori exam but thought I would take a little break to make a list of 20 random facts about me.

1.The first girl I had a crush on, told me I looked like a monkey.

2.I am the youngest of 6 children (6 siblings + being the youngest equals a lot of ass whopping).

3.I hate dogs?? but only because I am scared of them.

4.I love the Zoo (Once I asked a girl out on a date, and suggested we went to the Zoo, she said yes but the day before she became sick out of thin air. Well played girl, well played).

5.I?ve only smoked weed once (and it sent me straight to bed).

6.I love to gamble (the problem is that is a one-way traffic- my money goes in on my Bet365 account, but it never comes back).

7.I secretly love the Vampire Diaries.

8.I am a HUGE Barcelona fan and have been since forever.

9.In freshmen year in High School, I got the nickname ?Black Hawk Down? – FYI, the black hawk down was a result of toooo much wine. I know better know?. NOT

10.The one thing I won?t admit – I?ve read the Twilights book ? Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and seen all the movies

11.I am extremely curious (when I was I kid I would make my brother tell me what happened in movies before I watched them- And I would always break my toys up so see what was inside to big annoyance for my mom).

12.When I was a kid, my favorite meal was soap (I still don?t know why to this day)

13.Once on a vacation I got so drunk and ordered 20 beers, mad my brothers pay for them and then just left them at the bar.

14.I changed schools 5 times before I was in 8th grade.

15.One time after a night out, I came back to my house and found out I had left my keys inside, so I decided to sleep in the garage, because no one wakes up my dad? No one.

16.During my early years I learned, as Steve Harvey, nicely puts it, that my father was the enforcer in the family, when he came in, it was instant ass whopping, no questions asked, that?s just how things were done.

17.I am a big fan of the old school comedy headlined by the original kings of comedy ? Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer and D.L Hughley.

18.I have a weakness for voluptuous women

19.Cocking is noooooot my strong side. So if you get invited home to me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepare yourself for eggs.

20.I am currently doing a bachelor in business communication and international marketing