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Weekend in London

Woow! What a great city! London has gotten me forgetting all about my upcoming exams. Not sure if that?s a good or bad thing, haha 😀

I?m convinced that I need to go on more vacations 😀 Hell that?s what we all think haha. Either way you really you gotta love vacations, long or short, it doesn?t really matter. What I love most is that you get to relax and just unwind from everything and just focus on yourself and do whatever makes you happy.

This weekend has just been about relaxing and recovering from last week?s exams. I?ve been walking the streets of London and seeing what the City has to offer. Eating a lot of tasty food, drinking lots of beers and shopping (although, that?s one of my least favorite thing to do, but we’ll come back to that another time). I also met up with an old friend, who also happened to be in London to catch a Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge (even though he is a Chelsea fan) we had a great time at MASH London.

On Friday night, I wore Jeans from HM, shirt from Ralph Lauren, coat from Zara Men and shoes

On Saturday night, I wore Jeans from Tiger of Sweden, shirt from Zara Men, Blazer from Lindbergh and shoes from Aldo







Happy New Years and welcome to A Common Obsession. I love the idea of New Years- it?s the time where most people really think and evaluate their lives. Although it should probably be done more often than once a year. I think it’s great that people set out to be the best versions of themselves for the upcoming year, it gives hope for the future. Damn I?m getting too deep. New Years really is an exciting time, where you can start the next chapter of your life, and since you are the author, you can decide how it?s written. I believe that my next chapter, is going to be one the funniest and most exiting chapters, I?ve written so far, as I am launching my blog. I’m spending New Years in Malmö with some of my favourite people ? I think one of the most important ingredients of having an awesome New Years is spending it with people you love. New years is really a time to let go of all the things you didn?t do, all the negativity, and focus on making the upcoming year one to remember. Hell, that?s at least what I plan to do. And yes, I am allowed to be, this melodramatic. It?s new years, for crying out loud. Haha, have a great one!