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It?s not an everyday item and it?s shouldn?t be but if you feel like getting extra compliments and just feel like you want to make a statement, the double-breasted jacket should be your go-to piece. You can always count on this for that instant knockout look, it?s like having a triumph card in your wardrobe. You don?t even really have to put too much effort in the look as long as it has the perfect fit and fits you like a glove. As you can see, mine still needs a little trip to the tailor and then it will be perfect. Although it?s a classic formal piece I love how easy it is to dress down while still maintaining the wow factor. Like today, I kept it simple by pairing it with a basic white tee and grey trousers to let the jacket get all the attention. Compared to its counterpart the single-breasted jacket, the top buttons should always be kept buttoned up and the bottom ones undone, so you don?t have to unbutton your jacket when you sit sown. The double-breasted usually comes with four or six buttons, the one I?m wearing today is from Asos and has 4 buttons, I especially like the gold buttons details on the navy jacket.
Would you wear a double breasted as casual wear?

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Wearing: Trousers from Topman, shirt from HM, shoes from Selected and double breasted blazer from Asos

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