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How to wear denim

Dress up without wearing a suit

Men don’t have as many choices as women when it comes to fashion, so when we think about dressing up, we automatically think of suiting up. I personally rarely wear a suit but I love to dress up as you may have noticed, so my perfect dressing up gear is a statement blazer.
This navy velvet blazer makes the perfect eye catching statement without being over the top. Velvet is such delicate material to pull off, which is why I personally prefer to keep it in a dark color as it can quickly go from 100 to zero if not done proper. A velvet blazer gives a more refined and luxurious look than regular Blazers, which is why it’s perfect when dressing up. The rest of the outfit is kept simple with well thought through little details, such as a double collar shirt, stripped socks and a polka dot handkerchief.

What do you think about velvet blazers?

These pics were taken by an awesomely talented photographer, Manni Bach and I am so thrilled how they turned out. You can check out his work on http://mannibach.com/

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Wearing: Blazer from H&M, monkstraps from selected and shirt and trousers from Zara

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How to wear denim