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Embrace colours

Dressing well in itself can be a challenge, but dressing well in colors is a true challenge that can make or break an entire outfit. It?s important to find a balance between not looking bland and boring and not looking to loud and foolish. I think a lot of men are a bit scared of bright colors, which is a shame. I am personally a huge fan of colors and most of my wardrobe mainly consist of the three primary colors (blue, red and yellow). What I strive for most of the time is to find a happy medium, like this outfit I?m wearing today I kept everything in dark colors except the yellow pullover, which get all the attention. I tend to use colors in small dozes (though some people think it?s a lot) chances of catching me in yellow from top to toe is almost non-existent, well maybe I shouldn?t totally leave it out of the question. As so many wise men have said before me, combining colors tastefully is one of the hallmarks of the truly well-dressed man.




Wearing: Pants from H&M, pullover from Lyle & Scott and shoes from selected

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