Second look of #CPHFW

Fashion Hong Kong


During fashion week, I got to attend what was called “Fashion Hong Kong” which is a fashion show that showcases three top notch Hong Kong fashion designers; and this season it was Doris Kath Chan, Kenax Leung and Lulu Cheung.

I think it’s a pretty cool initiative and it gives “commoners” like myself a chance to experience new exciting brands. My favorite was Kenax Leung, who designs both menswear and womenswear. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of prints and playing with different textures, which is why his designs caught my eye. He has a unique way of using prints and shapes that makes me want to see more. No wonder Hong Kong is regarded as the fashion capital of Asia, I surely hope I one day get to experience the brands on their home turf.


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Second look of #CPHFW