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F F= Finally Friday

Floral print and spring vibes

Feelin? spring, the sunshine is up, the cold champagne is popped, the girls are wandering around in skirts and shorts ? showing skin, the winter had made me forget. Life is just great, and I think I will go to the beach toda? No wait? I?m sorry that was just me dreaming for a second, my bad. I hope I didn?t get you to excited haha.. However if I did, just enjoy this outfit, as I?m sure it will get you in spring mood. It certainly gave me so much life that I almost left the house without my coat, but then I almost became sculpture de glace, so I quickly went back inside to get it. The inspiration for this outfit really came with me being fed up with this temperature right now, so I started thinking about how I can survive the last few weeks of winter, and I simply decided to just act as if winter is over. Screw the weather; I?m going with this floral print shirt from H&M.

?ultimately, fashion is about expression and experimentation, it?s about raising the bar and pushing boundaries, and the rise of menswear florals illustrates this point seamlessly?.
– Shane C. Kurup

How do you guys feel about floral prints?




Wearing: Pants from Zara, shirt from HM and shoes from selected




  • Jacob

    Personally I would never wear floral prints, although you pull it off really well. I think it require alot of confidence.

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    • Alix Niyonkinzo

      I think floral prints can be a little bit intimidating for alot of guys, but its such a fun print, you can always start with small floral accessories, like a bowtie and stuff. 🙂

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F F= Finally Friday