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How to wear denim

Since its introduction to the masses, denim quickly became a staple piece in every wardrobe and for the right reasons. Jeans has never been out of fashion and it will never go out of fashion but everything else made in the denim fabric has been passé in the fashion world and anyone who would dare to wear double denim would automatically get on the worst dressed list. But as everything else in fashion things always change and this season one of the hottest trends is denim and particularly double denim.

Personally, I love all things denim so you can imagine my excitement this season. Denim gives tons of opportunities because it?s so versatile, it allows you to be experimental, playful and creative when putting outfits together.

This is my first ?how to? guide showing my personal interpretation of the denim on denim crime.

The first look I styled may be one of the easiest and most simple ways to wear double denim. I combined a pair of jeans with a denim shirt and broke it up by pairing my camel coat and brown boat shoes. This could easily also be turned into a summer outfit by just exchanging the jeans with a pair of denim shorts.



Wearing: Coat from Zara, Boat shoes from Sebago, jeans from tiger of sweden and shirt from hm


The key piece for the second and third look, is one of my favorites, namely the denim jacket, if you haven?t already invested in one by now, you know what your next purchase should be. As you can see, it?s perfect for creating a sharp and casual look. The denim jacket is a master of elevating your outfit without trying too hard. The denim jacket is just such a great summer staple that goes with all colors so just go for it, experiment, and create your own personal looks. For my first look, I paired it with the denim shirt and yellow mustard trousers and the colors complimented each other so well. For the second look, I combined the denim jacket with a trench coat and I absolutely loved how it turned out. Although this may be an outfit for the chili days.



Wearing: Denim jacket from Levi’s, loafers from Asos and trousers from Zara



Wearing: Trousers from hm and shoes from selected

For the last denim look, I wore a statement denim piece, namely the dungaree and because it?s such a statement in itself I tried to keep everything else simple.


Wearing: Dungaree from Asos and tee from HM


Wearing: Shirt from Jack & Jones

What do you guys think about these looks?

Talk to you soon


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