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Floral pants

How to wear pink, like a man

?I?m based on black and white, but there?s a certain dust of pink I like. Even for men? -Karl Lagerfeld.

Well I don?t know if this is the shade of pink Karl meant, but it?s the kind of pink I?m rocking today. Pink comes in many different shades and has many names attached to it, but one thing is for sure and that?s the color is highly associated with femininity. That?s too bad though, because I think this scares most men away from this fine-looking color. It?s said that real men wear pink- whoever said it was on to something, so pay attention guys. I combined this pink blazer with a purple printed shirt and blue trousers and I absolutely loved how all the colors came together without being to over the top.

What do you think about men wearing pink?

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Wearing: Blazer, shirt and trousers from zara and shoes from selected.


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Floral pants