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Pulling out the all black outfit

Loafin’ around

Do you guys remember how I have been talking about getting your wardrobe ready for spring and summer? Well here in Denmark it seems as the spring is not coming anytime soon, but I?m still crossing my fingers, because my spring/summer wardrobe is all set and ready to be rocked. One of the items I bought for this season is these tan loafers, which I have already started wearing. They fit impeccably into my wardrobe and the color just goes with pretty much anything, so except to see them on my feet a lot the upcoming months. For me shoes are important and I see them as the key item in every outfit, because when your shoes are on point it will automatically lift your whole outfit. Loafers in one of those shoes you can wear all year around if the climate allows it. Usually when it comes to loafers I would say forgo the socks, but its to damn cold right now and it?s the exact reason why I mostly wear them during the warmer months.
Will you be rocking loafers this summer?

Talk to you soon







Wearing: Trousers from Zara, Shirt from Topman and Loafers from Asos

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Pulling out the all black outfit