Short sleeve shirt with a twist

Psychedelic pattern


When it comes to shirts Eton is one of the most formidable experts in that area with their impeccable quality and contemporary fits, and as a shirt guy, what I look for when I’m shopping for shirts, is their ability to steal the show and elevate the outfit without adding to much else and that’s why I fell in love with this shirt, with the psychedelic patterns and the color combination. That’s also one of the reason why Eton is one of the leading brands crafting shirts and dapper accessories, is that they operate across the whole line – you can get your interesting pattern twisted shirts, but also clean-cut shirts that fits more into your everyday office ensemble. Either way, you are guaranteed to look smart and on top of your game wearing Eton.

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Wearing: Trousers & Slippers – Zara / Shirt – Eton






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Short sleeve shirt with a twist