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The Check shirt

Pulling out the all black outfit

Black on black on black- although I tend to wear more colorful outfits, the all black outfit is the easiest way to create an effortless and cool look without even trying. Black is the most basic color of them all, and is frequently associated with word such as boring, common, abused, which actually makes sense, given that, so many people use it. But can you blame them? It?s a sure winner, you can pretty much get dressed in the dark and be guaranteed to look great. One of the best thing about black is the versatility that comes with it. Although it?s quite simple, you can still make the color your own. I seriously love how I looked today and got so many compliments, which surprised me a little since it?s such an effortless look. The coat took the outfit up to the next level and created the vibe I was going for.
What is your take on the all black outfit?

Talk to you soon






Wearing: Coat and jeans from H&M, turtleneck from Lindbergh and monk straps from Selected

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