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Ride Comfortably by Opel

Now this is a concept I can get 100 % behind. In connection with the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer, Opal has partnered up with the Danish lingerie experts to come to every man’s rescue, with their new #RideComfortably campaign, that will boost your chances of making some mini you’s.

Testosterone is the male homone, that makes us men, gives us beard and hair on our chest, deep and robust voices and makes us rutting. Unfortunately though, the testosterone level of Danish men are falling as we speak due to bad circumstances for our most precious body parts, leading to hair loss, low self-esteem and no lust or desire. Pretty much leaving us genderless. With no gender, the women won’t have any need of us, but don’t be discouraged, because Opel will have you back on top with hair, self-esteem and lust in no time with their new and innovative underpants that will nurture and caress your lower segment with comfort and ventilation that will boost your masculinity and make you more than cable of making juuuust the right decisions in life, especially when it comes to buying a new car 😉 So sit back and watch this video, if you want to further your family line that is! #Ridecomfortably

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