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The craft of the tie

The cable knitted t-shirt

To me fall is the coziest and most reflective time of the year. It is all about comfy food, family time and snuggling up in cozy sweaters. It always seems like people slow down, rest more, and enjoy the little things more. For some reason it is the time that I reflect most on my own life. Last year that reflection led to me starting this blog. What are your favorite things about fall?

This cable knitted t-shirt is perfect for this in-between weather. I ordered this from Asos a while ago and I have been waiting for the perfect weather so I could wear it. It is so comfortable and the fit is amazing; it?s like it shapes itself around my body. I wore it with mustard yellow trousers, which complements the navy blue extremely well and although the pants are colorful, the outfit is still pretty laidback.

Talk to you soon



Trousers from Zara

Loafers and cable knitted t-shirt from Asos







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The craft of the tie