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Floral print and spring vibes


As you all know from Fridays post I spent first part of my weekend in Aarhus. My brother invited me, to see the city by night and what it had to offer and (eventually it sent me to sleep, but more on that later) He had planned it to the fullest, let me tell you that! I will definitely be back for sure – If he plan a night like that again, ha! It all started at Hotel Royal, where he had rented the deluxe suite, (the amount of booze will not be discussed, I?ll leave that to your imagination). After a while some of my brothers girlfriends, stopped by to put a little prep in the steps and once they got there time literally just flew by, but I guess that’s what happens, when you are having a good time, with a slightly high alcohol percentage in the blood. We then moved on to Bernhard?s, where all the girls had just come back from seeing Fifty shades of grey and you could say that Mr. Grey had done most of the pre(for) play for us, so to speak, because they girls were on fire, ha! However, for peoples discretions I will go in no further details but it?s definitely one for the books.







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Floral print and spring vibes