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Wearing sunglasses is something I do all year around – for me they are not just reserved for sunny days and vacation, but I rather see them as a fully integrated part of my look all year long. I have long been a big fan of sunglasses, all the way back to my sophomore year in High School where I bought my first pair of Ray-ban sunglasses at the airport before flying to Malaga and I felt so fly on that vacation that I knew from that moment, that sunnies should be a regular component to my looks. It was also on that trip that the love story between Ray-ban and I started, so it was a no brainer for me when SmartbuyGlasses reached out for a collab.

As you can see the love story continues and Ray-ban has yet to disappoint me! Their sunglasses and sunglasses in general just elevate your look. For me I almost feel like sunglasses are to me what Ken Clark is to superman – so without the sunnies, I’m just a regular joe, but as soon as I don the sunglasses I turn into The Stylish version of Superman 😉



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